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  • Brownsville City Cemetery
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  • 900 E 5th St, Brownsville, TX, 78520
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    The Historic City Cemetery, often referred to as the Old City Cemetery, was founded by the City of Brownsville in 1851. As the second oldest burial location in the city, the Historic City Cemetery is still in use today. The cemetery serves as the final resting places for many of Brownsville important founders, movers,and shakers. 

    The intent of this page is multifaceted in that OCC desires to establish an awareness, by our community "friends", of the importance of how so many individuals (who are interred in Old City Cemetery) have contributed to the beautiful complexity that IS our town, Brownsville, Texas. One can't go down the rows of monuments in this hallowed ground without hitting upon myriad connections with people, places, and history that are woven together to create the colorful, precious fabric of our community. Secondly, and this is extremely important; we strongly urge our followers to match the respectfulness that our predecessors had displayed in their lives and their love for this place that they called home. Please be mindful that we can show this respect by refraining from language that would not be appropriate for such a venue, nor do we wish to depart off of the historic theme by allowing great discussions of a political, religious, or civil issue basis. We encourage input by our public audience. The anecdotes heretofore have been comforting, rewarding and educational for all, and we wish that to continue. We want this FaceBook site to be as pleasurable as a "walk in the park", as we see our burial park, and all of the positive aspects of it.