Our Story

We are GoGira International a virtual tour portal that specializes in helping and creating virtual content for industries, entities, and individuals. We work with partners all over the world to capture, upload and display content that is interactive and immersive for the end-user.

As part of our mission, GGI is committed to helping communities obtain exposure with our advanced technology. Historic Downtown Brownsville is our first community project and was picked because it is so close to our heart. Two of our founding members are originally from Brownsville and one still resides in the city today.

Visit Brownsville's Historic District Virtually

This is a crucial time in Brownsville. There is a sense that the cities best days are ahead as them with a booming population and many exciting things are on the horizon. SpaceX as a big example has settled in Brownsville’s Boca Chica beach and is going to launch rockets into space right from there. We felt this moment was a great opportunity to give a spotlight to Brownsville’s downtown district as it starts to reimage itself as a thriving entertainment and shopping district for the cities tourism industry. GGI thought this was a great opportunity to show what we do and hopefully help shine a light on this great area in the city of Brownsville.

Downtown Brownsville's Historic Culture

The City of Brownsville is on the border with Matamoros, Mexico and it is rich in culture and history but also has the challenges that come with a small city in the southernmost tip of the United States. This is what made us think it was the perfect area for us to create our first project.

As we started to work on DowntownBrownsville360 we learned more about the vast history in the downtown district and how it is now being recognized nationally by the National Register of Historic Places. Historic Brownsville has been involved in the Mexican-American War, the last battle of the Civil War and was also involved in the Texas Revolution. Many of the buildings in the downtown area are historic even though you might not notice with some of the great restaurants and nightlife being enjoyed in these great buildings today. For example, Dodici Pizza And Wine featured in one of our tours was once the Juan H Fernandez Store established in 1882 and became the leading farm and ranch supply outlet in South Texas. Like this example, a lot of Downtown Brownsville’s featured businesses have great stories we hope to tell within the tours as keep updating the content.